Saturday, August 12, 2017


Boots in the Hostages by Robyn Harton

Mom left the storm door open just a tiny crack when she went to the store. Grandma was watching TV,  so I pushed just a little and sort of fell out. It was BIG out there. So I jumped under green things. (Mom said later that  they were hostages.)

When Mom got home she walked right past me. I was too scared, I mean polite, yeah polite, to meow at her. Then when I heard her yelling in the house, I said to myself yep, good move.

Grandma came out rattling the treats jar. That sounded SO good. I figured Grandma wouldn't let any mean birds peck my eyes out, so I came out to get treats.  She snatched me up, but she gave me my treats inside. Mom was puffing like a blowfish saying she would never leave the house without locking the heavy wood door again.

The hostages were nice, but not as nice as treats.

Mom didn't get any treats.  She painted me in the hostages, though. She said it was theraflu ticks or something.


  1. You got outside?! Wow, hope you enjoyed your adventure, even if it was short. If I go outside mum has me cuddle in her arms or I am in the PTU.

  2. Yep. It's too big out there for me. I'll go in the PTU next time.


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